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Feedback and Court

godnroc Owner posted Oct 18, 14
In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable to express themselves without fear of judgment, we have now created a feedback forum. This forum is only viewable by Owners, and will be viewed by them alone.

If you ever feel like something is REALLY cool, let us know! We love to hear what people think about what we do. (It may even motivate us to work harder.)

Also, if something ever bothers you or makes you uncomfortable, please let us know as well. Since only Owners can read your posts, you can voice your concerns freely. You may also air concerns or comments about an Owner or another staff member if you feel the need!

I look forward to hearing what you have to say! Don't be shy, go ahead and tell me I'm a(n) [Insert insult here] if you think I am. =D

EDIT: Thank everyone who has given feedback so far! We've seen some really great feedback and comments from several users, so thank you everyone! I look forward to seeing even more!

Court is the new idea we're implementing, where normal players can think of, discuss, and potentially implement changes into CH.

Check out the Court section for more information.
plw123 lol, "[Insert insult here]" nahh god your to awesome for anybody to do that!
ninjalady2 It has been used well.
punkrocks_rules I like this idea :3
Beginning October 10, 2014, introduce a friend, a buddy, an amigo, an ami(e), an acquaintance... a new player to CobbleHut and receive a special, amazing, wonderful, custom dyed armor set!

Offer applies to the first new player, beginning 10/10/14, that you introduce into the CobbleHut community! If you have recruited over four players in the past, you too are eligible for this special armor set! Please contact El for your prize!

Note: Please do not advertise on other servers to attract players, this is not respectful and not in good taste; we don't allow others to advertise their servers on CH, why would we advertise on other servers. Also, please do not use alternate accounts -- save the "tricking" for Halloween (and only friendly tricks!). Thank you for your consideration!

Have a lovely day!

Thank you,
ninjalady2 You're very welcome again. ...
owwnialler Owner Definitely more than 10... more like 18. And thank you so much again ...
ninjalady2 I need to be in a hall of fame for bringing at least.. what.. ten people on the server at once?
Hello everyone!

First off, I would like to thank Joshy Boy for airing his concern regarding the borderline between personal life and game life. On behalf of Staff, I would also like to offer my sincere apologies to any player who has had their game-play experience or personal well-being affected by this issue.

The facts are:
CobbleHut is a Minecraft server; it is a game!
Our players are real people with real emotions and personal lives.
The actions on CobbleHut and discussions in chat affect other people.

So long as we are playing and working with real people the border between personal life and game life will be challenged; the question is where do conversation and actions cross the border. 

The minute that a player's actions and discussions begin to negatively affect other player's emotional health and well-being is when that border has been crossed. Lately, there have been many conversations of an incredibly personal nature in General Chat -- these discussions include detailed and graphic talk of depression, situations concerning suicidal thoughts and actions, physical harm, and the like. These topics can be a severe trigger for other players and subsequently affect not only other players' game-play but also their emotional health and well-being. 

We as staff would highly appreciate conversations of this nature be kept in private messages or in another form of communication outside of the server.

Please know that we are in no way attempting to discourage or devalue our player's personal lives and situations! Human connection and an ability to be vulnerable is a truly beautiful thing, and discussing difficult situations and emotions can begin to remedy these situations. However, we cannot have this type of conversation in General Chat where there are players of all ages; it is not appropriate.

We truly thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation -- our top priority is our players' safety and well-being! This includes making efforts to ensure we do not cross the boundary between personal life and game life to maximize comfort and security for all players.

If you are one of the players who is currently in a difficult place, please know that you are not alone! Many players and staff are willing to and enjoy helping and talking with others concerning personal situations -- these players tend to make this fact very well known; if a player reaches out to you, the choice to take take them up on their offer in a private setting is entirely up to you! Please also consider keeping available resources open to you including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We wish you the absolute best! Remember "happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" (Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Once again, thank you for your time, understanding, and consideration.

El, on behalf of Staff

TLDR Version:
  • CobbleHut is a Minecraft server; it is a game
  • Players are real people with real emotions
  • Our actions affect other people
  • So long as players are real people, the boundary between personal life and game life will be challenged
  • Discussions concerning topics of a highly personal and potentially triggering nature (depression, suicide, physical harm, abuse, etc.) are not appropriate in General Chat
  • These topics can affect not only other players' game-play but also their personal lives and well-being
  • We as staff would appreciate conversations of this nature be kept in private messages (/m [username] [message] or /r to reply) or in another form of communication outside of the server!
  • If you are a player in a difficult place, please refer to the last paragraph ("If you are one...") -- you are not alone and we care about your health and well-being!
  • We truly appreciate your time, understanding, and consideration!
  • Thank you!

Damien Edit:

We are not qualified to be giving you advice in your life. 
We are not liable for any advice that is given. 
We are under no obligation to give you our time and/or advice.
We will mute you if you seem to be "fishing" for attention.

Please also remember that we have chat logs of the entire server.

allegreman Compassion. Humans have it, others don't.
KeltDiasavere Staff In sort of an agreement with the last paragraph of the original posting, I am one of the ones willing to listen to whate ...
SADz2323 People need to keep their drama and negativity out of the game. All it does is cause un-nessesary grief and stress for o ...

the economy needs your vote!

enfalas Owner posted Aug 27, 14
Hello everyone. Currently the economy feels frozen, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor because no money really exchanges hands in the current model. The mall is practically empty, the market is full of megashops, and overall nobody really trades much.

I would like to change that, but in order to do so, I will have to erase everyone's money. This will allow me to reset the economy into a globalized shop in which prices are dynamic, and based on player actions. For example, if I bought 10 diamonds, the buying price and selling price will go up because less diamonds are available for sale. If someone sells 10 diamonds to the shop, both prices will drop automatically.

This would allow the economy to be playable by everyone, and the dynamic nature will make it far more fair than the way it is now.

NeonEnigma I'm sorry but it's so obvious this is from voting for diamonds. Sure it works to get your server known, but who would us ...
captensirjack I also like the idea but I would like to know would we all have nothing until we get the money ourselves or will we get ...
z.mistro im all for it

New Modded Server

godnroc Owner posted Aug 1, 14
Hey everyone!
We have a new modded server! If that sort of things interesting you and you'd like to give it a try:
plw123 I have an idea. What i was thinking is Mr.CrayFishes furniture mod it is really cool has no requirements and it is reall ...
punkrocks_rules i would do but last time i used tekkit launcher it nearly killed my computer ...
plw123 yay!
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