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Hey guy, sad to say but i fractured my elbow on my right arm. Luckily i was born being left handed so i can still write and stuff.
More Pandazzzzzz
yay! happy to have you here! :d
now you can vote and see who's on, and let us know what you like! :d
So glad i just created a account for this sight So now i can keep up!!!~PinkPanda
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Age Of Heroes

DamienDarkside aStaff posted Tue at 17:04
Welcome back! I bet you are wondering why everything Diamond that you own is now useless.

WE ARE NOW RUNNING HEROES. Cobblehut is now officially an RPG server!

With Heroes you can become a dashing rouge, a shining Warrior, a mystical Mage, and a sharpshooting Archer!

Check out the main thread located here:

Then we also have some things about NPCs here:

Please comment in the threads for help and conversation, not the shoutbox.


DamienDarkside aStaff posted Sun at 1:41
Does thou knoweth of what comes to Cobblehut?

Can thou handle it?

For they are QUESTS! Yes thou heard me right with thine earholes. It is time to do some good ol' fashioned slaying of beasts and other nastiness like catching fish.

We are hard at work making new content for you to try! Come an find this lovely fellow and many more throughout [CH] here and there! They'll give you cash and other rewards for your deeds.

Soon though, there will be more. There is a threat on the horizon...

Goodnight, Sweet Lottery...

enfalas aStaff posted Apr 5, 14
Do to a recent exploit discovery, the lottery has been dropped as a plugin. Do to the nature of the exploit, it was unlikely that anyone was abusing this exploit purposefully. Through observation, it was discovered that the player who purchased tickets in the last 30 seconds tended to always be the winner. Investigation proved that if a player forces the lottery into overtime, that previous votes would not be selected and only voters in the extended period had a chance of winning.

I apologize for not catching on to this issue. While I know some of you will be upset to know you never had a chance of winning, I am not about to issue refunds for every single ticket as it would be a huge waste of effort when much cooler stuff needs my attention. Also, I would prefer not to hear about any accusations of taking advantage of this exploit. some players who noticed they would win more often buying at the last minute accounted it as pure luck and were not even aware they were abusing an exploit. As such, nobody will be disciplined or banned or punished in any way.

You have my apologies,

ninjalady2 I don't think many will be missing lottery, from what I know.

Shady business? No... of course not....

shinoow aStaff
shinoow @ CobbleHut
posted Apr 4, 14
So a hatch has appeared somewhere in city. I would advice you to stay out of it, as there is a certain machine in there, which is quite a deadly machine.
Nothing to see here...
TooCrazzzzy No Not shady at all........
EnderGwen1 ill stay out
KeltDiasavere Staff
KeltDiasavere @ CobbleHut
Shady business is Best business....don't have to pay taxes

Advertising? Please don't!

enfalas aStaff posted Mar 20, 14
Hello everyone,

This is Devil Enf, I would sincerely appreciate it if all staff and members would refrain from advertising on other servers. This is in very poor taste and not appreciated. We are not so desperate for members that we need to steal them from other servers. Imagine walking into a grocery store and setting up a fruit stand in the vegetable section. It is super rude right? That is literally what you are doing to the other servers. We do not allow advertising for other servers on CH, so it is also against our policy to advertise on other servers. We do not let others do it, so we should set the example and refrain from doing the very thing we are against.

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