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Hey Everyone and welcome to my first SILENT AUCTION

The rules are simple, you see the three houses and if you want them you bid on them. Chest and hopper is nearby to make your bids. However you don't know other people's bids! So make sure you bid a lot but not too much!

These houses are made by ME! DAMIEN DARKSIDE! They are all unique and they all have something special inside of them.

Loot world is now open!

Uberorb Owner posted Tue at 14:19
A strange new world full of hidden treasure awaits! Be sure to have a look around and you are sure to find a dangerous dungeon full of monsters and loot! /warp loot to get to this new world and start your adventure! There have even been reports that samuel and other traders have been sighted in the new lands, so be sure to keep a lookout for them!

DamienDarkside Owner Thread! ...

Regarding Complaints

DamienDarkside Owner posted Jul 16, 14
For the briefest of moments we had a complaints forum. However even if posts are anonymous it is too public for such private matters. Also immediately it was filled with "ban X player" and quite frankly you are not the judge of that. We are.

If you have a complaint about a member, please contact a Moderator, Administrator or even an Owner! If you have a problem with staff members, contact ONLY Sr Admin or Owners. If your complaint is about an Owner, contact Enfalas. If your complaint is specifically about Enfalas, well good luck on that.

When contacting a staff member about a complaint:

- Be respectful
- Use the basic facts
- Provide screenshots if you can
- Do not say "ban this player" or the like

Those you contact will get in touch with others. We may not get back to you on your issue but we will stay in touch. Feel free to message absolutely any staff in any means you wish to use (I personally check the site several times a day, even at work)

Please remember that we cannot re-program human beings. We cannot make someone your friend. We are not here to be your personal therapist in real-life problems. We are under no obligation to solve a quarrel between two people if nothing is being broken in the /rules.


The Great Creative Move

Uberorb Owner posted Jul 8, 14
Once upon a time, in a far away land, the brand new Creative Server was born! To ensure a smooth transition from the old creative world to the new creative server, we would like to specify some guidelines to assist the transition process and rid the Hut of Cobble of creative confusion!

Q: Why is there a new creative server?
A:   1. We wanted to allow players more room to build their awesome creative creations! Considering player feedback, it appeared that the 72x72 plot-size limited player’s creativity. We don’t want to limit our players: we want to encourage them! Regular sized creative plots are now 100x100 and are entirely free.
Note: We also have sixteen 200x200 plots available, however, these will be offered for $150,000 and will also be kept for highly motivated creative players as well as space for Survival Games maps. Ask an Admin+ about eligibility, if approved, a Sr. Admin+ will be required to get you a plot. 
2. The old creative world was a part of the main server, just a separate world. Due to the programming of a couple plugins, this allowed for exploits.
3. The SimpleRegionMarket plugin updated and was no longer compatible within the Creative world, meaning, as many of you experienced, the "For Sale” signs were not functional.

Q: Am I allowed to have my builds in the current Creative world transferred to the new Creative server?
A: It depends. Larger builds that would be difficult to recreate may be transferred over. Ask an owner about your eligibility. It is not our goal to discourage you or have your current creations destroyed, we simply want to prevent needing to schematic 100 plots over as this process is highly involved and takes a lot of time.  With that said, we will do our absolute best to transfer builds that players have put a great deal of time and effort into. We thank you for your understanding and patience. Please request that your current builds be transferred via the /modreq system within the next three weeks. The deadline is Wednesday, July 30th. 

Q: Am I allowed to have a build in the new Creative server transferred to main?
A: Yes, but it will cost you. As stated previously, the schematic process is highly involved and takes a lot of time.  However, we realize that building awesome things can be discouraging and difficult in survival, and again, we never want to discourage our players’ creativity. Builds may be transferred per request for $25,000 flat fee + either the price of materials according to the Admin Shop or the actual materials. (Ex. If a build has 200 oak logs and 50 stone bricks, you could either pay the amount the materials would cost in the Admin Shop, or you could give us the raw materials.) The large price tag is to ensure that a player really wants their build transferred.

It is our hope that Creative’s switch to a new server will simplify and solidify the processes while also creating a better experience for all players! Again, thank you for your understanding and patience.
xX_Topher_Xx Staff My god the pixel art that I could build >:3

Donation Scam

Uberorb Owner posted Jul 7, 14
Players of CobbleHut, it has come to our attention that someone has been impersonating one of our players and threatening people who do not donate to the server. If you have seen anything or notice any strange activity, please inform us right away.

Please screenshot anything you find and do not try to contact or donate to this person or because of them. We also highly recommend changing your password as soon as possible.

We wish to encourage people through a pleasurable experience and welcoming atmosphere, Cobblehut staff will never demand money, personal info, or passwords from you.

- CobbleHut Staff
EnderGwen1 If anyone is impersonating me and being mean. Its not me. So is this why we cant get vip???
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